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Addict in the House: A No-Nonsense Family Guide Through
Addiction and Recovery

Paperback (New Harbinger Publications ) – August 1, 2016
by Robin Barnett EdD LCSW (Author), Darren Kavinoky (Foreword)

Dr. Robin Barnett highly anticipated book was launched in August 2016.

When it comes to dealing with a loved one with addiction, tough love has never been tougher. In this important book, an addiction expert and sister of a recovering addict presents a no-nonsense guide for the families of addicts. Readers will learn how to support their loved one, get them the help they need, and better understand what causes addiction and relapse. At the same time, the book shows readers how to establish firm boundaries and provides an honest look at how the addict’s disease has affected the family as a whole.

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“In a world wrought with more addiction nightmares than ever before, it is essential that families know how to respond and take action when confronted with addiction in the home. Robin Barnett’s Addict in the House is a must-read for anyone looking for answers when addiction hits home.”

—Loni Coombs, television legal analyst, former prosecutor, and author of You’re Perfect and Other Lies Parents Tell

“With a constant stream of addiction-related news, there is no shortage of people struggling for answers when faced with an addiction crisis. At last, there is a guide for families struggling to find answers, direction, and solutions. Robin Barnett’s Addict in the House is a must-read for anyone and everyone caught in the struggle.”

Kimberly Cornell, EMMY award-winning executive producer, KTLA Los Angeles and Tribune Stations

“Robin Barnett’s Addict in the House is a must-read for any family struggling to find answers and a workable strategy for dealing with addiction with someone they love.”

Josh Shipp, television personality and author of The Teen’s Guide to World Domination

“Robin Barnett is a true authority on the topics of addiction, addiction treatment, and family strategy. Her book, Addict In The House is an absolute gift of knowledge and inspiration for all families struggling to find a solution and a workable plan when addiction rears its ugly head at home.”

Harry Phillips, award-winning producer of ABC News, 20/20, and Nightline

“Robin Barnett has a true gift for working with the toughest addicts and the families that love them. Her book, Addict In The House is a blueprint for all families to follow when faced with addiction in the home.”

Heather R. Hayes, MEd, LPC, CIP, intervention pioneer featured on Dr. Oz, international certified hostage negotiator, and cofounder of Hayes, Davidson and Associates

“Robin Barnett’s experience with family’s struggling with an addict in the home is unparalleled and her new book, Addict in the House is an absolute must-read for anyone struggling with addiction, the people who love them, and most importantly, those who enable them!”

Akikur Mohammad, MD, is a board-certified psychiatrist certified in addiction medicine, an award-winning academic, professor in the department of psychiatry at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine, and author of The Anatomy of Addiction